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Kansas City Commercial Roofing Leaky Roof Repair

kansas city commercial roofing leaky roofs

Are you searching for Kansas City commercial roof repair for your building’s leaky roof?

Owning or managing a commercial property is a full-time job.

There is always something that needs attention.

Your roof may not always come to mind, but it is important to keep it in great working order.

It’s possible for buildings to have leaks without seeing a lot of water stains or water dripping.

If you are not aware there are leaks, it can get much worse before you find it, causing a lot more damage.

5 Causes of a Kansas City Commercial Roofing Leaky Roof

Water can cause quite a bit of damage, and water leaks are not always blatantly obvious.

Your Commercial Roof’s Age

Nothing lasts forever, and just like everything else, your commercial roof will get old. Kansas City roofs are made to last a long time, but not forever. Plus, some roofs may not last as long as they should have. Once things start to age, they break, get thin, or stop working.

Sometimes, a few repairs turn into several repairs and before you know it, everything is falling apart. Once your roof starts looking lie Grandma’s old patched quilt, it is going to take more than more patches.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Neglect

Not keeping up with repairs, not having regular maintenance and inspections, and not keeping your roof clean can cause damages and start leaks. It’s important to take care of your roof.

Clearing off the snow and ice, cleaning up the leaves, branches, and other bits of garbage and debris that lands there are important. Animals can get in and make an incredible mess, as well.

Water Pooling on a Commercial Roof

A flat roof will not be even. It may have started out that way, but there are always sections of the roof that are uneven. It may have sunk or had some damage underneath.

The water will start to seep through the top layer and get down inside. It can cause leaking inside, making a real mess and doing a lot of damage that you may not even be aware of.

Once it starts to make itself known in the main parts of the building, you know that it has come all the way through.

That means there is going to be more damage than you expected, but the time it hits the offices.

Commercial roofs also have their own gutter systems, so you need to make sure this is maintained as well.

Damaged Membrane

A roof of a commercial building has a waterproof layer known as a membrane. It should prevent leaks, but it can also get damaged. This can happen from the weather, heavy foot traffic, and damage from trees or animals.

If you use your rooftop for gatherings, say if you have a patio or use it to enjoy the nice weather, it is important to get it inspected for damage. People can cause damage and the extra weight can cause it to sink or cause cracks or holes.

Roof Penetrations

All commercial buildings have open penetrations on the roof to accommodate the installation and use of vents, pipes, drains, and HVAC units. While these openings are sealed they can still allow water through them.

These openings can also get damaged around the edges and constant exposure to harsh weather can wear them down. These areas need to be checked each season to see if they are still holding up.

Call Kansas City Commercial Roofing Experts

 The best way to prevent leaks is by keeping your commercial roof in great shape.

Regular inspections and maintenance will help preserve the life of your roof and catch any problems that maybe there.

Trust the nearly 20 years of commercial roofing experience from Rainscape Roofing.

We are constantly educating our sales and crew leaders on new products and processes.

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