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Painting the exterior of your home can make a big impact on its value. It can prolong the life of the exterior and protect your home from weather damage—not to mention improving the curb appeal. Homes older than 1978 may contain lead and need special treatment any professional will know.

Painting the exterior of a house is also a demanding job. First, decide how much of the exterior will be painted. Sometimes only the shutters and trim may need to be painted. In other cases, the whole exterior of the house needs painting.

Next, determine the colors and types of paint you want to use. Many professionals can provide color combinations books to show how a variety of colors look together. If you can’t decide, it doesn’t cost much in time or money to purchase pints or quarts of colors you like and make your own larger samples you can use to easily check them out in the area you may want to use them. In most cases, you’ll want colors that fit in with the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

In general, latex paint is easy to clean and lasts at least as long as oil-based paints. Always use the best paint you can afford to avoid spending extra having additional coats applied or repainting frequently.

Lots of professionals include the expense of making the surface of the house clean, dull and dry in their quotes. Make sure they also intend to protect landscape plants plastic and that they will scrape any peeling or cracked paint and then sand and prime the area.

The brushes used are almost as important as the paint. With latex paints, a brush made of a nylon/polyester blend is best. A natural-bristle brush is best d with oil-based paints.
For best results, painting should be done on days with low humidity, when the temperature is between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Type of Paint is Best for Your House?

Now you need to select paint. Home-improvement specialist James Young says there are two basic types of to choose from for the exterior of your house: oil-based and used latex.

Oil-based paint is durable and water-resistant. It gives a hard finish and is often the choice of professional painters. If the surface being painted already oil-based paint, using oil based paint is almost a necessity. Oil-based paint must be stirred frequently, as they tend to separate quickly. A brush or roller specifically designed for oil-based paint is another necessity.

Latex exterior paint is the most commonly used choice for houses. They have undergone many improvements over the years and some are almost as durable as oil-based paints. They are a lot easier to work with. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and is durable and resistant to the effects of direct sunlight. Cleanup is easy and just requires water. Acrylic latex is the highest-quality latex paint and will cover just about any building material, including masonry and properly primed metal.
Do not mistake interior latex paint—which is what is used on the interior walls of a home—for an exterior latex, which is made specifically for use on the outside of a home. They are not the same.

If you don’t know what kind of paint is on the home now, peel off a large paint-chip and take the sample to the local paint store or home center. Have it tested. This is important because you never should put a new coat of latex over an old coat of oil-based paint. It will almost certainly peel.

Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint

When it comes to choosing the best exterior paint in Kansas City for your home, there are several variables to consider:

Spend a little more money

A premium paint is a wise choice because it covers well, resist stains and stand up to weather.

Consider Your Permanent Fixtures

The painted part of your house shouldn’t clash or look back with things like your foundation, patio, or accents. Consider those colors when choosing a paint shade.

Don’t forget the trim paint

Trim colors are an important decision. Look for help from paint manufacturers in terms of color combination ideas and paint color families.

Take advantage of technology

Bring in a sample of those permanent materials to the paint store so they can use their computer color matching tools. Some of them will even make suggestions for matching/coordinating colors and will let you experiment with color combos on images of home exteriors.
Remember that color looks different with different lighting. Full bright sunlight on one side of the house might make a color that looks bright and beautiful on the other, shady side of the house look washed out and dull on the other. Also check the colors with any trim at various times throughout the day to get the best idea of how the finished product will look.

What’s the difference between cheap & premium paint?

First difference is the amount of work it takes to apply the paint. Higher grades of paint contain titanium, which provides better coverage so it conceals whatever it is covering better.

Cheaper paints contain little or no titanium and may take three or more coats to equal the coverage of one coat of high-quality paint, so $24 and a whole lot more time involved vs. the $30 can of paint. Cheaper paints also show brush marks while higher-quality paints provide a smooth, one-coat coverage. Another difference is durability. More expensive paints are more washable while trying to washing dirt off a cheaper paint may wash off the paint itself. Higher-quality paint also contains an anti-spattering agent so there is less mess than with inferior paint.

What are the most common painting mistakes?

  1. Skipping prep time: professional painters spend the majority of their time on prep.  This is what makes all the difference and what make the Rainscape Painting team so special and a true “best in class” painter.
  2. Skimping on brushes and roller covers to save money: Good brushes and roller covers save time and money in the long run since they make the paint go further and they cover more quickly.
  3. Using cheap masking tape instead of real painter’s tape: painters tape is better in every way because it is made specifically for the job it has to do.
  4. Going without primer: Primer covers flaws and gives you a smooth, long-lasting finish.
  5. Painting over high-gloss paint without sanding: paint needs texture to adhere to.
  6. Sloppy, aimless painting: Start at the top and work down to catch drips as you work and end with a smoother job.
  7. Poor cleanup: Bad idea! Our Kansas City house painting pros won’t make any of these mistakes.

Our process has made Rainscape one of the best house painters Kansas City has to offer.

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