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Kansas City Roof Replacement in Cold Weather

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The short answer is, YES, you can get Kansas City Roof Replacement service in the winter.

But, you want to get it done before the snow flies, so if you can get it done in the fall, that will be much better.

There are benefits to completing new roofs in warmer weather, but if you need to get roof replacement services in the winter, it can certainly be done.

Truth be told, every season has its downside for local roof installers…

The summer is hot for local Kansas City roofers, and the spring can be wet.

Fall is a great time to get a new roof, but cold weather shouldn’t scare you away – there is A LOT more capacity to get roofing projects completed, because there are fewer jobs and fewer concerns about roofing material supply availability.

Kansas City Roof Replacement

You don’t want to wait too long into the cold weather to get your roof replaced. Once it gets too cold, you may have trouble even finding someone to do it. It is uncomfortable for workers to be working on a roof in the winter and it can even be dangerous.

It can make the work much harder as the materials will not respond as well in milder weather. Shingles are flexible but in the cold weather, they can get stiff, brittle, and break. They can also be too cold and stiff to cut.

The sealant is another factor. It needs warmth and sun to seal properly. If the sealant is put on shingles in cold weather, it may not activate right away. In fact, it may not activate until spring.

If this is a concern, most shingle manufacturers recommend hand-sealing every shingle to avoid them getting pulled up or blow off from the winter wind.  If hand-sealing is necessary, it will make the job cost a lot more.

Is it More Expensive to Get Roofing Installation in the Winter?

Getting a roof replacement done in the winter will likely cost you a lot more. It will also take longer. You may need to leave the home while the work is being done.

It is miserable for roofers to have to do the work in the frigid temperatures, plus, it’s more difficult because they are bundled up. It can be hard to work with tiles with gloves on, yet impossible to do without them.

Not getting the roof done before winter might mean you have to wait until spring. Unless it is an emergency, of course. But you don’t want to wait that long.

A shoddy roof will cost you more on your energy bill. Heat leaks out of cracks, holes, and thin insulation. If you have even seen snow melting on a roof in the middle of winter, that’s why.

Get Your Roofing Project Done Before the Snow Arrives!

Ideally, you want to get the work done before it gets too cold. August and September are often the busiest months for roofers. Look at booking the roof replacement in October.

The weather will have cooled down but it is still pleasant enough for workers to get the job done on time. There is still sunshine to help the sealant do its job and there is less chance of a storm.

Get prepared before it gets too cold. You want the roof replacement done when it will work best for everyone. Waiting until it’s too late or the weather is too cold just makes it that much worse.

Getting regular roof inspections is the best way to keep your roof in tiptop shape. An inspection will find problems before they become disasters. It is much better to make a few repairs than to have to replace the entire roof.

Trust the BBB A+ rated roofers and Rainscap Roofing.  We have been serving the Kansas City area for over a decade.

Get your Kansas City roof replacement or repairs for your home or commercial property completed in two days (depending on schedule and weather conditions)!

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