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Searching for “siding contractors near me” in Kansas City? The right siding can dramatically boost a home’s appearance. New home siding can be the perfect remodeling choice to spruce up the exterior with a long-lasting and vibrant product. And there are lots of siding options. It isn’t difficult to find one that best suits any home’s style and meets the owner’s needs for maintenance and durability.

Kansas City Exterior Siding Options

The following are the most popular exterior siding options to help find a material match for any homeowner’s needs.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding, particularly James Hardie fiber cement siding, is the best siding option for most homeowners in Kansas City due to its cost, durability, insect resistance and 

Fiber cement siding comes in an array of textures that usually resemble natural wood, yet it’s highly resistant to moisture, termites and rot is nonflammable. It comes in an array of rich, fade-resistant colors that can complement any home’s exterior beautifully. It is typically guaranteed for 50 years, depending on the manufacturer. Fiber cement siding is composed of cement, sand or fly ash, and cellulose fiber and is more expensive than vinyl siding but less than wood.  Rainscape Roofing is one of the highest-rated James Hardie siding contractors in Kansas City.

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered Wood Siding is made with wood castoffs, such as sawdust, and bonding agents to produce a strong, lightweight siding that is less expensive than real wood but looks like an array of typical wood siding styles. Factory-applied finishes are available and the standard life expectancy for this siding, if installed and maintained properly is 20-30 years. It looks and is handled like solid-wood without the disadvantage of imperfections.

Steel or Metal Siding

Metal Siding is typically made from steel or aluminum and is used on many modern-look homes. It is especially lightweight and cost-effective and–whether copper, zinc, aluminum, or a type of steel—it can be formed to meet required shapes, curves, and edges. The strength and the longevity surpass most of siding options.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices because it’s economical, versatile and incredibly durable. It comes in a variety of colors and is insulated but breathable. That helps keep the home at comfortable temperatures while it also prevents moisture buildup, which would let mold grow beneath the panels. Hundreds of colors are available in horizontal and vertical panels, shakes, shingles, fish scales, lap, and beaded designs. Warranties generally are lifelong and transferable.

Portland Cement Stucco Board Siding

Stucco board siding is impact and fire-resistant, impervious to termites and rot. Talk about durable! Reasonably priced and available in a wide variety of applications, stucco siding has been used for hundreds of years. Traditional stucco is a cement mixture added to sand or lime and can be shaped and textured to achieve an array of architectural styles. Stucco can be applied to brick or stone surfaces.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Faux stone veneer is an extremely durable material that looks and feels like natural stone but with an advantage of being much more affordable. Faux stone beautifully accents vinyl, fiber cement, or stucco siding.

Natural Stone Siding

Stone Siding is among the most durable of all materials. Granite, limestone, slate, and other types of stone are beautiful and nearly impervious to weather. It is a natural material and environmentally friendly. The initial cost of stone is much more expensive than most other siding. The upside of the investment becomes clear as decades pass and it is as natural and attractive when first installed–with very little in the way of maintenance.

Brick Siding

Brick Siding brings durability, light maintenance and classic appearance. Made of fired clay, brick comes in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes and is generally a veneer that is constructed on the outside of the wood frame structure. The brick veneer is held together with mortar. Water can penetrate brick veneers, so ia water membrane must be installed between the wood and brick layers to protect the home. Due to the cost of installation and materials, brick is at the higher end of the siding cost scale but it will last the life of the building, with nothing more than an occasional washing.

Brick Veneer Siding

Brick Veneers and Fabricated Brick Siding are manufactured by molding actual clay, brick, or other natural materials or polyurethane. These siding options are durable, realistic-looking, lightweight, and easy to install for a fraction of the cost and time actual brick requires. It is generally attached to a backing material such as plywood, glued in place and the seams are chalked.
Stone Veneers and Fabricated Stone Siding are like fabricated brick and are also molded from real rock, stone, or other natural materials, and are just as durable, realistic, lightweight, and easy to install.

Engineered Wood Siding

Bevel Siding (also called clapboard or lap) is one of the oldest forms of exterior siding and is made by resawing a board at an angle to create two pieces that are thicker on one edge than on the other. Pine, spruce, cypress, and Douglas fir are the favored wood choices because of their longevity and price. Cedar and redwood are also great options, as they contain natural rot resistance, but they do cost more.

Natural Wood Shakes & Shingles

Shakes and Shingles are another option for wood. Shakes are machine- or hand-sawn from wooden blocks called bolts and are thicker than shingles and less uniform in appearance. They do last longer. Shingles are sawn for a smooth and consistent look and can be cut into an array of shapes to create visual interest. Both come from a variety of woods, but the most common choices are Western red cedar and redwood. They both are available with a fire-retardant treatment and must have a moisture barrier. Shake or shingle siding requires periodic maintenance including painting and caulking to prevent weather damage.

Board-and-Batten Siding

Board-and-Batten siding is an American classic. Sometimes referred to as barn siding, the vertical design is created using wide boards, such as natural wood, engineered wood or fiber cement sidind, and spaced with narrower strips (the battens) to cover the places where the wide boards come together. There are no standard widths or spacings, so this siding lets the homeowner innovate.

Split Wood Log Siding

Split Logs siding gives a home a traditional mountain or rustic feel and is usually made from cedar, cypress, redwood, or pine logs. The logs are dried and treated for a longer life span. It can be painted or stained but is generally left in its natural state with a clear-coat sealer. Log siding is expensive and requires more maintenance than most types of siding.

The Best Kansas City Siding Choice for Your Home

With so many choices, what should be considered to make the right siding choice?Besides the initial cost, these six basic things should be considered when selecting siding:

Water Resistance: Water-resistant types of siding have longer life spans.

Ease of Installation: Some types of siding require special skill sets or special tools to install.

Energy Efficiency: Check the R-value rating for energy savings and understand what type of insulation will be required beneath the siding.

Aesthetics: The choice of siding will be in full view of the world. Make sure it is beautiful to you.

Versatility: Make sure the siding has the versatility to meet the varied needs of the specific project. Are there are aspects of the home’s that will make a particular type of siding more challenging to use. Understand what added costs or adjustments will be needed.

Durability: How does this siding choice fare in the climate where it is going to be used? Will stand up to everyday wear and tear AND the typical weather in the area?

Your Next Steps

Are you ready to hire a Kansas City siding company?  Once you have decided on the best type of siding for your home, you want to make sure that you hire one of the best Kansas City siding contractors you can find. 

Even James Hardie siding, which is probably the best siding material on the planet, is only as good as the siding company that installs it.

At Rainscape,  our installation technicians are trained and even manufacturer certified for many types of siding.  Most of our work carries a lifetime workmanship warranty, as well as material warranties as provided by each material manufacturer. 

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