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Water Drainage
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water causes more damage to your home than any other element

Almost every Kansas City homeowner has had to deal with a water drainage problem at some point. Perhaps it is caused by too many rains in a season or maybe the yard doesn’t have enough pitch to effectively route water away from where you don’t way it.

There are always solutions to the problem.

The Importance of a Kansas City Drainage System

What are the most common drainage problems a homeowner face?

And why is it important?

If you don’t have good yard drainage and water evacuation management,  chances are your outdoor living space isn’t going to be usable a good part of the time.

Water is a necessity for a healthy landscape, but if it isn’t properly distributed, it can cause issues and be disastrous. But the problem itself is really simple: something keeps the water from moving downhill, as it should.

We Have Custom Yard Drainage Solutions

There is good news!

The problem is usually also simple to solve.

Kansas City water drainage plans are a vital part of any landscape design. The plan could be elaborate with all sorts of catch basins, large and small diameter pipes, a sump pump, French drain, gravel and/or head walls.

Or it could be as simple as thinking about what happens when you water a plant.

Basically, drainage is a problem because there is too much water or what water there is, is misdirected. The damage can be damp or wet basements and crawl spaces that invite silverfish, rodents, and other pests into your home. Dampness also causes wood rot and contributes to the growth of mold and mildew. Standing water can freeze and thaw, causing concrete foundations to crack, which makes them weak. Long standing puddles can also be harmful to trees, shrubs, and other plants. They won’t survive long and strong if the roots stay drenched all the time. (Puddles are also unsightly and can cause unpleasant odors and attract insects.) Soil erosion literally can carry land away and damage property. How much damage will depend on the amount of water and how fast it flows. How fast it erodes will depend on the ground it flows over. For example, sandy soil erodes very quickly but clay has cohesive properties that hinder erosion. Whatever kind of soil it is, it is a problem. It can take pollutants into lakes, rivers, and streams. Think of your catch basin as the start of a stream.

Kansas City Landscape Drainage Problems & Solutions

Here are the most common landscape drainage problems and how to fix them.

Poor Elevation

Poor elevation can be disastrous to the house’s interior– such as drywall or wood floors—as well as contributing to foundation failure. It is easy to avoid with new construction by elevating the house slab enough to get proper slope away from it. The solution if you don’t have that chance is grading the lot around the home to create a place for the water to flow so that it won’t collect around the foundation. Another option is installing a sub-surface drainage system that includes a catch basin and pipe.

Plant Bed Designs

Plant bed designs should be about more than the bed’s layout and where you want what plants. You should consider whether or not the layout will impede the natural water flow. You want to, keep the water moving in the direction intended so that it won’t stay in the beds, killing your plants or causing other damage. When you are planning your beds, use a site level to make sure it slopes downhill to efficiently move the water the way it was intended to go.

Water Traps

Water Traps can develop over time or improper grading can create depressions that hold water. Excess water trapped in them will ultimately kill turf and plants. It can also develop into a marshy condition if it isn’t fixed. The solution? Give water a better place to go. You could install a ‘creek bed’ to allow stormwater to be moved along the surface. That can add some aesthetic value as well as doing a job. In extreme cases when there are no other ways to move water using gravity, you can use a mechanical option, such as a sump pump.

Paved Surfaces

Paved Surfaces can cause drainage problems. Solid surfaces like driveways, pool decks, terraces and walkways must have the proper slope. If properly grading the area is a problem, one option can be retaining walls. Hard surfaces mean there must be a way to direct water where you need it to go or away from where it can do damage over time.

Gutter Spouts

Gutter Spouts can be a solution to a problem but in some cases, they can BE the problem. If down spout exits aren’t properly placed, the gutter may empty into and over saturate landscaping and plants. They can also concentrate water on paved surfaces. That will cause problems eventually. The solution is careful planning before your Kansas City gutters are installed. The water can also be redirected after the fact with a variety of things, such as underground drains, catch basins or trenches. Water can be sent where it needs to go.

What are the most common complaints about gutters?

Homeowners often want to remove their gutters because of gutter clogs. This is the single most common complaint on properties with lots of trees. Gutter covers can be an inexpensive solution. Some covers have small openings that allow tiny debris to enter but block leaves. The debris that enters is small enough to be easily flushed out during rainstorms. Gutter covers also keep birds from nesting within the gutter.

What are ice dams?

Ice Dams are usually caused by poor ventilation or insulation and a lot of people assume they are caused by gutters. They are actually evidence of a problem with your attic or crawl space and they do put your Kansas City roofing at risk of damage, despite having gutters or not. A professional needs to check the attic and remedy the underlying issue if a homeowner is having problems with Ice Dams.

How is a drainage system installed?

Start at a spot the water needs to be rerouted and end at the designated spot to collect the excess water. You need a consistent slope from beginning to end and the bottom of the trench needs to be flat so that high spots don’t hamper the flow of water in the corrugated pipe.

  1. Call before you dig
  2. Dig the Trench
  3. Prepare and install the Catch Basins
  4. Install the drain pipe
  5. Test the Drain and attach a straining cloth
  6. Backfill trench and replace sod
  7. Cleanup project site


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